Sunday, August 12, 2012

The week that was

I spent all of last week doing nothing. I was recovering from the flu on monday after several days on the couch under a quilt weak. Had a shower and put my back out. I looked like a question mark and was in incredible discomfort. I blame pregnancy hormones and tiredness. It was a revelation how much guilt I felt at being sick and unable to do anything. We missed mothers group, Playgroup, hair appt + the long list of tasks I was meant to complete that didn't happen.
What do you do?
Well I just gave up.
I read three novels from the library resting on the couch, perfected a short soup recipe and saw more than a dozen pixar movies with Miss Two.
The couch, a hot water bottle and my codeine medication got me through but it was a huge lesson to let go and just rest. I couldn't do anything else.
I did enjoy all the cuddles. Miss two running around the house in a doctors uniform playing nurse. And the fire on as the hail fell. 
My garden looks very green and healthy from all the rain.
My hubby's car died Thursday night which will make things a little more interesting until we can afford to buy another.
Friday I started to move without much pain and enjoyed a play date and lunch with my friends and our little people. I was exhausted Friday night though. 
Toddlers seem to never tire.

After swim class saturday morning, shopping + yum cha with Nan, I took my time and weeded the garden for an hour. Built a bean runner with stakes and fabric selvage strips for the peas, snow peas and broad beans to climb on that are just coming up through the soil. I pulled the lower leaves of the broccoli and kale and layed hay down between the veggies to keep them warm. All the garlic has come up and the green shoots are taking on growth and height in the mulch.
Today our little family are going to plant lettuce seedlings if we get the time + Miss Two can watch them grow and harvest tonights dinner of carrots.

What adventures did you all get up to this weekend?

X Mummafox
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