Monday, August 6, 2012

Inspiring- Monday Link love

While I sat at this little cafe 'the peddler' having a coffee last Thursday cherishing a hot coffee and catching up on some blog reading I was inspired. Miss Two's Gran was babysitting so l could attend an appointment so l took an extra few minutes to have some much needed r and r. Oh it was lovely. I loved the peddler's retro chairs l think they would have been great for my kitchen table but alas if l want to see them again it will be while I'm out for breakfast with my Miss Two and Ads.
Electric colour, splashes of creativity on white walls and lots of comfort. The natural palate of birdie's nursery at Bleubird Vintage, softie toy inspiration and using artwork to make a statement. So many ideas to incorporate into our little family nest.
I would love to get the apple poster or pear poster for Miss Two's new toddler bedroom wall it's featured in many blog design posts but l just love the hint of vintage goodness. I plan to move Miss Two's teepee into her room once the couch goes into the study/nursery. The book rack and sheepskin floor rug here was a great idea for making a little nest for my little one. And I still haven't made a move to adorn the lounge room wall with photos or artwork but l think a collection of frames would look great.

Have you seen anything that you have been inspired by?
Let us know.

x Mummafox

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