Monday, August 27, 2012

Colour that makes your heart sing- Monday Link Love

How much do you love the lush vibrant aqua blues, greens and pinks of today's Link love. I wish I had high ceilings in my house so I could use similar colours but alas with white walls my home furnishings need to give our little family nest personality. As I'm at home once again nursing Miss Two back to health from croup and a bad cold she came down with over the weekend 'again' today's Link love inspires colour, personality and life in the home something I've been thinking a lot about of late.

Be insired with modern Marrakech rooms
Rooms filled with colour + nature 
A Rabbit portrait + cupboard that would be perfect for the new nursery or the front entrance
Clothes by Misha lulu for Miss Two and our little people, I'm going to attempt a jumpsuit in size 3 with apple motif for Miss Two for summer.
And I'd love to make the time to attempt this DIY purse tutorial for Spring

Home improvement for August is underway we have started Spring cleaning the study, three bags of stuff went to the op shop last week, clothes, books and homewares we just weren't using. I've been ruthless. It's amazing how much stuff you accumulate over ten years being together. We are in the middle of washing the covers for our couch, it's amazing to see how white they have come up from a week's soaking.

Overhauling Miss Two's wardrobe, and realising just how much she's grown + starting a draw of clothes for our little boy. I went to a local baby clothes market on Sunday for an hour and attempted to shop for Tully. It's hard to get my mind into boy mode I'm use to dresses, tights + heaps of variety. I never knew how little variety there was for boys. I picked up ten pieces of pure baby things and some Bonds size 000 jumpsuits. I'm not going to buy up big but I have enough for the hospital bag. 
Miss two got a great Oriental cord jacket for $2, a new pair of cowboy boots and some pink glitter high tops. Perfect with a tutu for Miss Two I'm going to buy one or make one. She spent much of the afternoon on Sunday playing dress ups and jumping in her cowboy boots while we attacked the washing, ironing + shared Yum cha.

I've attempted to make an inventory of home improvement tasks to do before the new year. I have asked friends to babysit Miss Two over the next couple of months For a day or two so we can work uninterrupted and she can have her own adventures with those she loves. I'm hoping that as the weeks pass so will all the mess that comes with downsizing and minimizing ones belongings. Storage is such a big problem in our house.
Our stairs really need painting as they aren't stained yet and are getting dirty and marked from everyday use. I'd like to find a way to make statement with our stairs in our family nest and add some wooden bedroom storage to give some personality to our home spaces.

This week I'm going to devote my time to getting Miss Two well so she can visit the penguins with her friend Chloe and clearing the baskets of things we are downsizing in our lounge. It seems never ending at the moment. I hoped it would be done by now but I'm realizing at five months pregnant I not going to be as productive as I usually am and that's ok. I'm going to stop being hard on myself!
Friday I'm going to get to boxing class, finish Miss Two's new quilt, cut bunting pieces + make a new Annie dress for my munchkin. And if l don't get through all those things then that's ok too.

What are your plans for the week?

x Mummafox
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