Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Colour me wonderful- Link love

Today's link love is about vintage + colour.

I came across a pink paisley eiderdown for loose change op-shopping in Blackburn last week. It's got a couple of small holes in the fabric but I'm going to wash it, darn it, add vintage touches and have it as our summer outdoor quilt. I can just imagine picnics on the lawn, late night at the drive in, weekend at the beach.

The vintage daisy fabric was a present from Bec and will be the back of the patchwork quilt for Miss Two's big bed. I'm hoping to finish the quilt soon.
This weeks been busy with my ultrasound, going back to gym, hair appt and day with Nana so I'm not sure how much I'll achieve.
I'm keeping this week simple, if l can organise the market things for Saturday
then I've been able to do enough.

Looking at blogs this past week I thought it would be great to add old school touches to Miss Two's room with a wooden desk, chair or open cupboard. These kids bedrooms here Inspire creativity.
The bedroom still needs colour, I should attempt a colourful canvas perhaps for above her bed in bold strokes once the grey couch goes and a floor rug to encourage play.

Kit + Nancy recently explored a vintage store in Copenhagen that made my mouth water. Check out her blogpost. All that vintage loveliness in one store, amazing. Wouldn't you just love some vintage wallpaper to do a feature wall or frame a large panel in a large wood frame to hang. The possibilities would be endless.

What colours are you into right now?
Wherever you are have a great Monday.

X Mummafox

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