Sunday, July 8, 2012

The weekend that was

What a busy seven days.

I realise that I'm rather like a bear in winter. I've stayed inside with the heater on and tried to stay warm. Nights have been spent watching tv under my Winter Nest's quilt hibernating with Ads.
I spent much of last week and the weekend between playdates and outings getting the house clean + organised. Mopping floors, I vacuumed, we attacked the bathroom and bedrooms and folded all of last week's washing. Creating To Do Lists before the baby comes in January. I've learnt reno's take time.
Miss two had her first adventure to the movies last week. She was such a big girl sitting in her own seat. We had a big conversation today about her being big and she worked out she's now a toddler and not a baby. It's amazing that in two weeks she'll be in a big bed. Yes we finally bought one after swimming class last week.
I've been mindful to rest when sore or tired after the car accident a week ago. It's been a challenge allowing myself to slow down when I get tired but I'm enjoying the late afternoon snuggles on the couch upon her waking from her afternoon sleep. I still don't understand why she only sleeps for an hour, wakes, cries out for me + then once picked up snuggles in and sleeps some more. It's been nice though + I'm mindful once bubs comes next year those moments won't be the same. Our little family is excited that three will become four but I have been grieving a little at the realization that things are changing and will continue too.
I won't have a car come Tuesday night for a few weeks as it'll be at the repairers.
I'm really excited that my mother-in-law is picking up Miss Two for the whole day on Wednesday leaving me at home to get sewing done. There's a huge pile of half finished projects on the table + I'm hoping that not having to care for Pops for the day will enable me to finish the Poppyfox bags + bunting for the Etsy shop with no interruptions. The crazy rainbow crayons are ready to pack and list on Etsy too I'm just waiting to have everything finished. I'm aiming to launch the Etsy shop first of August. Threads of Nature at McAdam Square in Croydon Hills have an extensive collection of our Poppyfox reversible Amber totes and Charlie Sling bags to choose from. The new collection of Charlie Slings for the Etsy shop showcase strong colour, design and functionality.

I'm already in my second trimester of pregnancy, week 14, have a small baby bump and I'm hoping that the tiredness begins to dissipate.
I worked in the garden over the weekend in the sunshine on Saturday putting in a pea trellace and more sugar cane mulch amongst my broccoli, leeks and parsnips. I planted more silverbeet and coriander seedlings and I hope they handle the bitter cold. My first crop of broccoli are a week away from being ready for eating. There might be enough to make yummy cream of broccoli soup. Lately I have been craving soups and toasted open sandwiches of ham, mustard and cheese on rye = pregnancy wintery comfort food.

What did you get up to on the weekend?

X Mummafox

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