Sunday, July 1, 2012

We're excited!

We're excited that we are having another baby. I'm 13 weeks pregnant and due early January.
Miss Two loves giving cuddles to the baby in my tummy + checking on how I'm feeling. She already proving to be a funny, loving and kind big sister.
I've been nauseous constantly during my first trimester I'm hoping it lessens as the weeks progress. It's been a challenge getting sewing or crafting done as I get major motion sickness. And either need to lie down or throw up. Ginger is helping. I did finish my Winter's Best quilt last week it's lovely.
Ads and I think it's wonderful to witness our little person watch the baby on the ultrasound monitor and get excited that bubs is on tv.
I wonder what we are having?
I've been busy on pinterest dreaming of baby and nursery loveliness.
So our little family of three will soon be four in the new year.

X Mummafox

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