Thursday, July 26, 2012

The hues of colour to brighten a room - Link love

I'm interested on how colour changes a room and gives a space personality. I just love the colour spread here. In changing Miss Two's bedroom from a nursery to a haven for a toddler on the weekend I know something more needs to be done to reclaim the space as hers. Reading thedesignfiles blog last week was inspirational, I could happily step into Natasha Dumais' home and feel like l was home. What a family nest. I loved the red cot and the blue and yellow hues of the boys bedroom featured at rafa-kids but alas the new single bed is a Birch hardwood so rather plain. New bunting perhaps, a Heico rabbit night light as she appears to be scared of the dark or maybe some new framed prints for the frames already adorning her walls. I think either hues of colour or a myriad of rainbow art. I would love a framed map and Hugg a Planet cushion to cuddle up with for my Miss Two. I'm planning on checking them out along with the Rabbit Heico night lights at Big Dreams when l get a moment on Friday when I'm in Northcote catching up with the lovely Sophie + Miss Two's godmother. Although it's unlikely I'll be able to stretch the budget to buy them just yet but one can dream.
Currently the room exists of white walls, a grey ash couch soon to be relocated to the nursery, timber framed prints of electric things- a cross stitched duck (a vintage find), a print of a fairy standing on a Poppy bought from St.Andrews market years ago for my birthday from my husband, Miss Two's baby hand print that was my first mother's day present from her and some cloud watching rabbits. The bird mobile in greens + neutral colours will go in the nursery along with the Birch Stokke cot which was much loved by Miss Two. I plan on making some felt balls for the new baby later on when l have worked through my crafty project list. There was a great DIY felt ball blog post the other week by none other than Mypoppet, I've followed the blog for a longtime and is truly inspirational for anything vintage + crafty.
But perhaps she needs some bright handmade toys and some throw pillows in blue, greens, yellows and watermelon. I'm beginning to be inspired but finding the right fabrics will probably take a bit of time. I'm starting to feel a little better this pregnancy first trimester was a little intense, the second trimester seems better. I tire in the afternoons and toddlerhood doesn't always allow the flexibility l need when not feeling up to playing on the floor or doing endless craft. Yesterday was spent doing morning craft done at playgroup leaving me the afternoon to sew up some PoppyFox crafty goodness for my little but getting bigger Miss Two. I got one doona cover sewn up just have to put on the Velcro. I decided no press studs or zips as they can break over time whilst old school Velcro is easily replaced when needed. Having a much needed house cleaning day today. Miss Two has an awful cough that kept us all up last night. I don't understand how a toddler can be kicking you in their sleep and then hugging you the next minute. So the heater is on, we are in our pjs and we are taking it easy in an attempt to keep croup at bay.

What do you think a toddler bedroom needs?
What are you up to this fine day?

x Mummafox
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