Monday, July 9, 2012

Sunny Yellow- Monday Link Love

Today it's all about the colour yellow in an attempt to cheer up your winter's day. It's not raining today and the heater has stayed off but all we need now is some warmth from the sun and some sunshine and it would be perfect. The colour yellow stops me in the street when l see it displayed in a shop window. When daffodils come out in the garden they put a smile on my face. It captures my interest + inspires me to get crafty. I want to introduce it into the home but it's just hard deciding how to do it. I have blues from bright to pale blue on the lounge wall, bathroom/laundry tiles and kitchen splash back in my house so using yellow won't be hard but what to buy + what to make. It's been a recent addition to a lot of photo shoots and magazine covers in Country Style and Inside Out but trends come and go so it's important to make your home yours and not someone elses. Your home should be a reflection of the people that live in it, their interests, stories, passion and personalities. I want our home at PoppyFox HQ to be a haven. Fun, joyful, interesting, colourful and even a little quirky. It's who we are.
I need to replace the hanging light over the staircase and also above my retro kitchen table an industrial Muuto yellow pendant light would be an incredible find for that area in the home. Or adding a touch of yellow to my decor on the lounge like throw cushions, painted yellow frames hung on a feature wall either from Ikea or op shop finds or a yellow framed print. I really like the print Wherever we are together that is home. I would love it on the wall near the kitchen it's such a sweet message. I particularly  liked The Yellow Print- Scotch Schnapps by David Band in Rachel's home. You could say l loved and envied Rachel Castle's home, it's filled with sunshine with her use of yellow and mustard featured in thedesignfiles blog. The use of black and white with hints of yellow really makes a statement it's perhaps a little to neat for my everyday life but I'm inspired by it none the less. I'm going to make these tissue paper pom poms and rice paper lamps for Miss Two's third birthday in December. Yep l am already thinking about themes, either pirates, a circus theme, rainbows + a rainbow cake or my latest dream birthday party theme- a crafty party at the park with all things sunshine yellow. I can just see Poppy in a little yellow mini skirt and yellow Salterwater's on her birthday. I was thinking lemon fizzy bombs, lemon drops, a lemonade stand, homemade lemon cordial, lemon cake with butter icing, Sunshine gingerbread's with yellow smiley faces, sunflower colouring pages, yellow crayons, dress ups like yellow sunglasses on a stick, Sunshine fairy wands and daisy chains all wrapped up in a box of sunshine.

Miss Two's bed arrives in a couple of weeks and l am tempted to paint the bedroom door with blackboard paint and add yellow and black touches to the room. There is a green and wood theme already but it needs to be added to. I'm thinking a yellow tough tub for toys, a new single bed quilt or a couple of PoppyFox handmade jumbo floor cushions for the floor in yellows and matching colour combinations. I picked up Danish inspired apple fabric in black and white and a Japanese yellow, white, grey and black design fabric by artist Naomi Ito. Not fabrics l am drawn to because of their use of black but l really liked how different it was amongst all the pastel vintage bed linens that l have collected over the last year. I have a Heather Ross mermaid fabric quilt ready to go in pink, fuchsia, mustard and purple already but l want her bedroom to have colour and diversity. I won a vintage fabric giveaway from Zy-Zy Handmade of vintage pastel floral and I'm going to make a patchwork doona cover which should look great against the Birch wood of the bed. I loved the Danish inspired bed instantly it's trundle has these bed legs that make it stand at the same height as the single bed, perfect for sleepovers or when Miss Two and Bubs begin sharing a room.
Oh and there is the endless dreaming for the new nursery. A yellow day cot or finding a kitsch yellow fabric to create a yellow lining for my moses basket and give it some colour. I would love to buy a yellow chair for the front window to lounge in either a vintage egg chair or an Acapulco Chair or to place on the balcony of my bedroom above the veggie patch to sit in with a hot cup of tea and a good book while Miss Two sleeps. A place to watch the trees swaying in the breeze outside or simply finding a few moments for myself. I'm not sure where l am going to find the money to afford an Acapulco chair but one can dream.

What do you wish for that's yellow?
Have you bought anything lately?
I'd love to know.
Happy Monday everyone!

x Mummafox

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