Friday, July 13, 2012

Sharing My Blog Reading List

I get these small moments where Miss Two is occupied, playing and happy and l can enjoy some reading. OK l might have a little obsession with blogs but who could blame me.
I love reading. I always have, I don't buy books anymore I read them to quickly + borrowing from the library is great, but once you put a hold on the ones you want you have to wait for them to be available. So in the meantime, I have blogs to read.
I love reading about other's lives, stories, their artistic interests and what they are inspired by in the everyday. Some time ago l was asked what blogs l follow and l have to admit since registering with Bloglovin (which is free to join) my reading list has grown exponentially.
I get the joy in opening up my Bloglovin app on my iPhone and seeing all these blog posts just waiting for me like little jewels. There is something simply lovely about snuggling down under a PoppyFox handmade quilt late at night while Ads watches some television and l get the chance to relax and read.
Today l sewed while Miss Two was with Nana for the day. I don't have a car for two weeks so Ads picked her up after work which left me much of the day to vacuum, get button holes, and buttons sewn + bags pinned ready for final stitching. It was lovely to take ten minutes out at lunch to read a blog or two while listening to Beth Orton and Ben Harper. Now l know why mothers love having days off, I really need to do it more often. What luxury.
I wonder what blogs you fall in love with and enjoy reading.
 I'd love to know.

My Top 10 Blogs that are crafty + filled with passionate goodness-

(in alphabetical order)
kit & nancy
Llevo el invierno
Meet Me at Mikes
naughty shorts!
one sheepish girl
Smile And Wave
thrift. nest. sew.

The Blogs l also follow through Bloglovin + enjoy with a good cuppa-

a little gray
An Indian Summer
Apartment Therapy
birdy popcorn's happy days
dottie angel
elsie marley
Emmas Designblogg
green tea and red nails
handmade charlotte
heather nette king
maggie and sparrow
Making it Lovely
Misha Lulu Blog
moopy & me
mummalu's artistic obsessions
My Girl Thursday
Skunkboy Blog
So Fawned
Sweet Verbena
tea with lucy
The Design Files
The Finders Keepers

x Mummafox

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