Monday, July 16, 2012

Parties, Fairies + a house makeover

How are you?
I'm having a wee rest this afternoon after a busy and adventurous weekend.
We travelled over the West gate bridge, ate waffles for breakfast, saw rainbows in the sky, Miss Two made crafty wrapping paper and cards, we wrapped homemade presents, celebrated some very special birthdays with dear friends and made wishes with fairy dust. It was busy. Early Saturday morning Ads picked up a much needed 4 x 4 Ikea storage unit for our house I bought on eBay. We plonked it down in the lounge room and made the long drive to Truganina for Annie's 3rd birthday. Our friends bought land and built in the western suburbs, before that Mardhu, Ashok and Annie lived next door for a year. Whilst there was a small age difference between the girls at the beginning it didn't take long till they became best friends.
It was a really magical time. I miss watching Annie and Miss Two playing everyday and exploring the world together. I miss having a wonderful neighbour and the beautiful Indian food Mardhu makes. She would teach me how to cook great Indian, we would harvest from my garden and eat seasonally and l would teach her how to cook like a local.
So an Indian birthday party meant lots of cake, drawing with the kids, eating curries and playful mayhem. It was no surprise to us when Miss Two fell asleep as we were driving home and didn't wake up when we put her to bed.
Once home we destroyed our downstairs living room and made an immense mess attempting to create a clean and organised storage area in the both the foyer and living room. Our little house needs storage, with a small linen closet and little else we have been on a mission to renovate over the past three years to build storage into our empty spaces downstairs + simplify things. Not an inch of floor space was spared in our destruction it was crazy. If you can imagine fabric stacked on the table and floors, camping things piled high, toys, shoes and boxes bound for the op shop thrown about. With much work little by little order prevailed and the entrance to our home now resembles a beautiful crafty heaven for PoppyFox HQ. With storage cubes neatly organised for crafty projects, painting + colouring and cubes for quilting fabrics, vintage linens, wadding and vintage blankets just waiting to be sewn into PoppyFox creations. It's still overwhelming with fabric scraps littering the kitchen table and in baskets on the floor to iron but it'll get done in time.
Sunday morning we went to meet a Fairy and celebrate Ruby's 3rd birthday at a park. The rain stopped and the sun came out for a few hours. Rainbow flags, bunting, ladybug cupcakes, fairy costumes, wands and music entertained our little people. The treasure hunt and face painting had Miss Two jumping with joy and she looked so cute in her fairy wings and rainbow face paint running a muck in the playground. Lisa is a birthday genius and it was a magical scene with a fairy rainbow rotunda nestled into the wooden playground and tree lined landscape.
It was sad to leave all the woodland fairies but we had to go on a little adventure to the shops to pick up a doona for Miss Two's new bed. We decided on a double bed doona for her single bed. It means that next week l will be creating double bed doona covers from the large pile of vintage bed linens l have been collecting for such a purpose. It's going to take a trip over to my mother's, her lounge room floor as space and Nana looking after Miss Two while l try to sew a collection of bedlinen fit for my little person's new bedroom. I'm thinking an electric mix of kitsch Japanese fabrics both bright and fun with lots of dots and apples and then vintage linens in pastels for variety. It'll be exciting to see what inspiration the week brings and what the result will be.
Her bed arrives tomorrow and with our house still a work in progress it should be an interesting situation of where to put it till the weekend.
I thought this morning l would work on ironing and packing my fabric scraps and sewing things away in their new home but l got a surprise visit from my mother's group mums and we had an impromptu play date. I got up, pulled out the vacuum whilst still in my PJ's and tried to create a little space for playing. Both Poppy and I were dressed and ready by 10am which was a miracle as we were asleep at a quarter past nine. Put up the tee pee, had gingerbread and warm Milo's ready, the coffee machine warming up and it was lovely watching Charlie, Riley and Miss Two giggling and having fun. Lots of building blocks, dress ups, felting and animal play with the odd break to devour gingerbread and rest.
So no cleaning done today but l did rest on the couch while Miss Two had a nap.
You know you're pregnant when your friends mention you finally have a bump, you feel like you need a massage and you start thinking of bed at 4 o'clock in the afternoon.
Can't believe l am already week 16.
Tomorrow I'll get back to the cleaning in the hope that l can start sewing on Wednesday or Thursday when l can get to the sewing machine but right now I'm enjoying doing nothing.
What did you all get up to today?

x Mummafox
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