Monday, July 30, 2012

It's not easy being green- Monday's link love

I bought an apple green cardigan two weeks ago and a beanie on Friday and since then I have been inspired to dream of all things green. It was also a great opportunity to reflect and take of what's going on around me.
Miss Two's been a little green around the gills ( I meant the pun) over the past few days with croup and a chest infection. She's been such an emotional, tired little person these last couple of days. On top of the sleep issues with Miss Two who's determined to stay up as long as she can, it's been trying. Despite a short trip to the shops and the library to buy food and borrow some books as a reward for Miss Two sleeping in her big bed for a week we haven't been out of the house.

I loved this photo of a mother exploring nature with her little one. I've been sitting with my pregnancy journey and trying to find time to be present with my growing tummy, the movement, the growing life. I enjoy watching Miss Two embrace the new bump and she already tells me she can't wait to play with Tully (a name we have been using as it's for both a boy or a girl). She sings to Tully, gives great hugs and raspberries and tells me she'll be three when she becomes a big sister. We are all embracing the bump and all that will happen come the new year. It's allowed me to grieve the everyday of our family of three and yet dream of what will be. Of all the little ways to go about changing our little family nest as our family grows. It's another new beginning, another thread to the tapestry of our shared story as a family.
I can't wait to know what we are having.
Will it be a girl or a boy?
I'd love to know what you think.

Last week, while the sun was shinning I planted peas, broad beans and snow peas for a second planting in the garden. The broccoli, kale, silver beet and carrots and celery are being harvested regularly for our meals. I was thankful for the plentiful rain that meant I don't have to water + has brought life to my healthy vegetables + the young garlic and herb seedlings. We've taken time in the garden lately to share with Miss Two what's been growing in the garden and nurturing her interest in cooking with play times in her kitchen with pots and pans + felt vegetables. She's particularly taken with Brussel Sprouts, peas and carrots for dinner, a great sign she'll have a diverse palate. I'm going to try to create some felt pasta and spaghetti this week for her kitchen. The garden is changing and while rainy and cold you can see new buds on trees starting to develop, the garlic is also coming up through the earth. The lettuce, beetroot and snow peas are taking on more foliage and growth. It's almost time to plant seed potatoes in the garden, I've kept a perfect pocket of dirt for such a purpose near the brick wall.

On the home front, I've still got a long way to go to finishing reorganising downstairs with the staircase shelving still to build, the final basket of fabric scraps to iron and put away today. All the PoppyFox shop items to finish sewing. And the two remaining doona covers + single quilts to sew up for Miss Two's big bed. I've finished three doona covers so far. If all goes well Monday's a washing/folding day and Tuesday-Thursday will be sewing days at Nana's if Poppy settles and begins to improve.
I'm doing my first baby market in two weeks so l have lots of preloved items to clean, iron and bag up for the market. It's exciting to think that l can pass on things Miss Two has loved to another home instead of just taking it to an op shop to sit there til someone discovers it. Plus the money would be good to put towards the Heico Rabbit nightlight l want for Miss Two's toddler room.
I've been tempted to replace the chairs around the kitchen table and add some stools underneath the kitchen bench. I wonder if green would work with our big bright blue living room wall?
I'm inspired by all the green rooms, the Freida Kahlo print, the green dinosaur wallpaper in the nursery along with touches of green in the chest of drawers + whimsical prints. The vintage kitchenware and bright green home wares.
We have yet to start cleaning up the study and begin transforming it into the nursery but I've ironed a peas and corn baby quilt and bird mobile, bought some green Summersville quilting fabric for inspiration and I'm thinking of painting a wall green in the study that runs alongside the teak wooden floor to ceiling bookshelves. It would look great with the light charcoal couch I'll use for nursing the new baby. It's just so nice to dream isn't it.

Do you dream of green in your home?
What would be your dream purchase?

Have a happy Monday everyone!

x Mummafox
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