Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Home Improvement- Week One

Today I've had really bad morning sickness due perhaps to overdoing the mass clean up on the weekend or a lack of quality sleep.
I got rid of four garbage bags of clothing, fabric scraps and the like yesterday. It felt good to see some clutter go to the op-shop but there's still so much to do. I've got four baskets of stuff to go through and either store it for crafty projects or giveaway.
The floors, lounge, foyer and kitchen are spotless so I see that as a small victory. The dining room table near the kitchen is a completely different story though. Tomorrow I'm hoping my energy will exist to finish what I started.
I'm going to pull out the ironing board and sort out two bags of fabric scraps to see if I can use pieces for a colorful quilt for poppy's new bed. I hate waste and I love using scrap fabric for little projects. I thought some owl softies would be great for the Etsy shop to go with the wands, bunting and costumes I'm working on.

The bed was delivered this morning with a high five from Miss two she's excited and a little overwhelmed. It's sitting in the foyer in flat packs ready for my Mr Handyman, toolbox and the weekend. We are struggling with Miss Two's tantrums and arguments at bedtimes at the moment. I worry that moving her into a big bed might just escalate the problem but then again it may be the incentive she needs to claim her independence and begin being a big little person. She's worked out she's not a baby anymore but a toddler and declared she's now a big little person. It's very cute.

I spent much of my professional life reunifying children + helping families live together and guiding parents in strengthening their relationships with their children. It's not surprising then that I birthed a little spitfire. Fun loving, creative, independent, and passionately opinionated in every way - that in turn would challenge and flip my world on it's axis. However, there are times it starts to take it's toll. Night times are hard, my energy is low, I long to relax and get to bed myself. Pregnancy takes it's toll on my health. I get all day morning sickness, headaches and vomiting some days and my energy often lags in the evenings. Knowing Miss Two was growing out of her cot I didn't hestitate to buy her a single bed but I really am unsure about how to go with transitioning Poppy into a big bed. Any advice or ideas?
I decided that whatever happens I'll keep the Stokke cot ready in her room if it all goes pear shaped on the weekend and she's not ready.
Time will tell.

Well back to enjoying my cuddle on the couch with a sleeping Miss Two on my lap. I'm enjoying these moments as I know in a blink of an eye she'll be all grown and our family of three will be four.

What little moments do you enjoy with your little people? What are you up to today?

X Mummafox
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