Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Friday

The last couple of days I've been in crafty heaven. I have made soups, reorganised my little sewing corner on the kitchen table, placed yellow oilcloth under the play dough table which has been a lifesaver, pinned and organised the Charlie Sling bags to be completed. Sewn up my first Charlie Sling for the new collection for the Etsy shop, created vintage bunting and pinnie aprons ready for birthday parties over the next two weekends and enjoyed a play date and catch up with the lovely Lisa and Ruby this morning.  Miss Two has had a somewhat Topsy-Turvy week of being a happy little person one moment and the next being bossy or throwing the world's greatest tantrums. It has been a challenge to say the least. I wouldn't change her for the world but sometimes l wish she had an off switch. And l am guessing l am not alone. I had a full day of babysitting on Wednesday that brought on the mammoth effort to reclaim my sewing space and attempt to get back into the sewing zone. I now understand the freedom a mother feels when they send their kids to childcare for that much needed break. I'm seriously considering a day of childcare so l can have a dedicated sewing day in which to complete projects that just seem unending. It was easier early on in Miss Two's life to finish a lot of stock quickly but as Miss Two gets more enthusiastic about cooking, craft, play and socialising l find the hours in the day not long enough to fit in everything. It's daunting as she has never been to childcare but l think it might be time for mummy to have that break. Although still undecided, I'll need to introduce a day of childcare on Thursdays before our little family of three becomes four.  I just purchased an Ikea 4x4 cube storage system for the foyer to pack away all my fabrics and sewing supplies in an attempt to organise our little home and make my life easier. It arrives tomorrow and l am hoping Sunday afternoon the tools will come out and the Spring clean of the foyer can begin. I realise that much needs to go from our home but there is a lot that needs to find a home in our space. I dream of having a sewing area tidy and organised. Craft drawers for easy access to art supplies when doing craft with Miss Two and her many friends. And a space to put our bags and coats away from the main entrance into the lounge. I'm going re purpose the 2x4 cube unit that l had been using for storing my fabrics length ways in the lounge room and use it to put all the toys away so when not in use l don't have to see them. I'm excited to see how much this changes our home in the next week.  I realise it's the little things like storage in a small space that make all the difference. I just wish l had Martha Stewart on speed dial to resolve the mess and clutter once and for all.
I made a really tasty soup twice this week, Potato and Leek soup you just have to try it. I used 2-3 leeks finely chopped, 4-6 potatoes chopped, 1 litre of Chicken stock although you could use Vegetable stock + salt and pepper to taste. I cooked the leeks in a little butter till soft added the cubed potatoes, stock and simmered till potatoes were cooked. Added seasoning and blended it till smooth. The soup is a lovely buttery yellow and very tasty. This morning while catching up with Lisa over a cuppa and Ruby + Miss Two were busy painting l made this soup with added Sweet Potato and the results were lovely. I had enough to freeze, give Lisa to take home for lunch + I enjoyed a really big bowl for lunch with a dash of cream and grated Parmesan over the top. Yummo. 

The weekend is fast approaching and l think a small glass of white wine tonight while watching Masterchef (I'm addicted) with the family might just be a great ending to a crafty and happy Friday. 
What are you getting up to on the weekend?

x Mummafox
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