Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Great Garlic Follow-up

After the rain fell and the sun finally came out l got into some major gardening on the weekend. It was the first where I'd been free and there wasn't a downpour.
I turned over my soil that's been resting to find lots of worms and good fertile rich soil. I've worked over the last three years to make my garden healthy and veggie growing friendly.

I finally planted all my garlic cloves all 100 of them hopefully they will be ready to harvest for Christmas time. I planted two beds of garlic to ensure a harvest. I always keep a string of my own homegrown garlic to plant for the next garlic season. It's the third year I've grown garlic and plaited strings of garlic for Christmas presents. Nothing tastes better than garlic you've grown yourself.
I was excited that new buds were forming on my lime tree out the front.
My broccoli is starting to head and harvesting is only weeks away. I'm looking forward to making my broccoli soup and garlic herb bread its a great winter dish.
My silver beet and kale is proving useful in the kitchen along with fresh thyme, flat leaf parsley and celery from my garden. This week I picked a dozen snow peas, they were great in a salad and pulled two bunches of carrots out of the carrot patch. I roasted them with a handful of new potatoes, pumpkin and a roast chicken on the weekend.
I finally pulled my capsicums and basil plants and added them to the compost. I went through two bales of sugar cane mulch on the two gardens, layering the garlic plot, covering the bottoms of the leeks to keep them warm + encourage growth and separating my rows of carrots with mulch.
My little winter peas are coming along they are working hard to reach for the sky and are about 20 cm in height.
With all the rain it will be interesting what will thrive and what will struggle. It's taking a long time for my broad beans, Brussel sprouts and cos lettuce to grow and with the bitter cold for comfort I can't blame them. I just hope they grow enough to flower so I have baby broad beans for salads and Miss Two's favourite Brussel sprouts to add to a meal. I'll keep you all posted on what happens in my winter garden.

What's growing in your garden?
Any recipes you want to share.
I'd love to know.

X Mummafox

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