Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday I'm inlove with Northcote

Today we left the house before 11am. 
A miracle. 
Listened to Beth Orton and Playschool in the car. 
 We were both happy if a bit tired.
 Drove through a rain storm. 
Saw rainbows high in the sky. 
Wore our boots and winter woolies. 
Drank great coffee at Foxy Brown. 
Ate hash with eggs and beetroot relish.
Found dinosaurs in a cafe book stash, score. 
Lots of colouring fun! 
Watched Miss Two + soph play with domino's.
 Had lots of hugs and a chat with the lovely soph + Poppy's godmother.
 It had been too long.
Embraced the simple things. 
Felt happy. 
Bought a beanie just for me. 
Fell in love with a Heico lamp for Miss Two.
 Just need to rob a bank to pay for it. 
 Took photos of street art. 
Explored High St with some of my fav people.
Danced to Aretha Franklin with Miss Two in my arms. 
We watched goldfish swimming in a pond. 
Took a photo of me at 18 weeks with bump. 
Bought poppy a magical fairy wand. 
Had an adventure. 
Made it home in traffic at 5:30pm, amazing. 
Just love my Friday adventures.
 It had been to long. 

What did you get up to?

x Mummafox

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