Monday, July 30, 2012

It's not easy being green- Monday's link love

I bought an apple green cardigan two weeks ago and a beanie on Friday and since then I have been inspired to dream of all things green. It was also a great opportunity to reflect and take of what's going on around me.
Miss Two's been a little green around the gills ( I meant the pun) over the past few days with croup and a chest infection. She's been such an emotional, tired little person these last couple of days. On top of the sleep issues with Miss Two who's determined to stay up as long as she can, it's been trying. Despite a short trip to the shops and the library to buy food and borrow some books as a reward for Miss Two sleeping in her big bed for a week we haven't been out of the house.

I loved this photo of a mother exploring nature with her little one. I've been sitting with my pregnancy journey and trying to find time to be present with my growing tummy, the movement, the growing life. I enjoy watching Miss Two embrace the new bump and she already tells me she can't wait to play with Tully (a name we have been using as it's for both a boy or a girl). She sings to Tully, gives great hugs and raspberries and tells me she'll be three when she becomes a big sister. We are all embracing the bump and all that will happen come the new year. It's allowed me to grieve the everyday of our family of three and yet dream of what will be. Of all the little ways to go about changing our little family nest as our family grows. It's another new beginning, another thread to the tapestry of our shared story as a family.
I can't wait to know what we are having.
Will it be a girl or a boy?
I'd love to know what you think.

Last week, while the sun was shinning I planted peas, broad beans and snow peas for a second planting in the garden. The broccoli, kale, silver beet and carrots and celery are being harvested regularly for our meals. I was thankful for the plentiful rain that meant I don't have to water + has brought life to my healthy vegetables + the young garlic and herb seedlings. We've taken time in the garden lately to share with Miss Two what's been growing in the garden and nurturing her interest in cooking with play times in her kitchen with pots and pans + felt vegetables. She's particularly taken with Brussel Sprouts, peas and carrots for dinner, a great sign she'll have a diverse palate. I'm going to try to create some felt pasta and spaghetti this week for her kitchen. The garden is changing and while rainy and cold you can see new buds on trees starting to develop, the garlic is also coming up through the earth. The lettuce, beetroot and snow peas are taking on more foliage and growth. It's almost time to plant seed potatoes in the garden, I've kept a perfect pocket of dirt for such a purpose near the brick wall.

On the home front, I've still got a long way to go to finishing reorganising downstairs with the staircase shelving still to build, the final basket of fabric scraps to iron and put away today. All the PoppyFox shop items to finish sewing. And the two remaining doona covers + single quilts to sew up for Miss Two's big bed. I've finished three doona covers so far. If all goes well Monday's a washing/folding day and Tuesday-Thursday will be sewing days at Nana's if Poppy settles and begins to improve.
I'm doing my first baby market in two weeks so l have lots of preloved items to clean, iron and bag up for the market. It's exciting to think that l can pass on things Miss Two has loved to another home instead of just taking it to an op shop to sit there til someone discovers it. Plus the money would be good to put towards the Heico Rabbit nightlight l want for Miss Two's toddler room.
I've been tempted to replace the chairs around the kitchen table and add some stools underneath the kitchen bench. I wonder if green would work with our big bright blue living room wall?
I'm inspired by all the green rooms, the Freida Kahlo print, the green dinosaur wallpaper in the nursery along with touches of green in the chest of drawers + whimsical prints. The vintage kitchenware and bright green home wares.
We have yet to start cleaning up the study and begin transforming it into the nursery but I've ironed a peas and corn baby quilt and bird mobile, bought some green Summersville quilting fabric for inspiration and I'm thinking of painting a wall green in the study that runs alongside the teak wooden floor to ceiling bookshelves. It would look great with the light charcoal couch I'll use for nursing the new baby. It's just so nice to dream isn't it.

Do you dream of green in your home?
What would be your dream purchase?

Have a happy Monday everyone!

x Mummafox

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday I'm inlove with Northcote

Today we left the house before 11am. 
A miracle. 
Listened to Beth Orton and Playschool in the car. 
 We were both happy if a bit tired.
 Drove through a rain storm. 
Saw rainbows high in the sky. 
Wore our boots and winter woolies. 
Drank great coffee at Foxy Brown. 
Ate hash with eggs and beetroot relish.
Found dinosaurs in a cafe book stash, score. 
Lots of colouring fun! 
Watched Miss Two + soph play with domino's.
 Had lots of hugs and a chat with the lovely soph + Poppy's godmother.
 It had been too long.
Embraced the simple things. 
Felt happy. 
Bought a beanie just for me. 
Fell in love with a Heico lamp for Miss Two.
 Just need to rob a bank to pay for it. 
 Took photos of street art. 
Explored High St with some of my fav people.
Danced to Aretha Franklin with Miss Two in my arms. 
We watched goldfish swimming in a pond. 
Took a photo of me at 18 weeks with bump. 
Bought poppy a magical fairy wand. 
Had an adventure. 
Made it home in traffic at 5:30pm, amazing. 
Just love my Friday adventures.
 It had been to long. 

What did you get up to?

x Mummafox

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The hues of colour to brighten a room - Link love

I'm interested on how colour changes a room and gives a space personality. I just love the colour spread here. In changing Miss Two's bedroom from a nursery to a haven for a toddler on the weekend I know something more needs to be done to reclaim the space as hers. Reading thedesignfiles blog last week was inspirational, I could happily step into Natasha Dumais' home and feel like l was home. What a family nest. I loved the red cot and the blue and yellow hues of the boys bedroom featured at rafa-kids but alas the new single bed is a Birch hardwood so rather plain. New bunting perhaps, a Heico rabbit night light as she appears to be scared of the dark or maybe some new framed prints for the frames already adorning her walls. I think either hues of colour or a myriad of rainbow art. I would love a framed map and Hugg a Planet cushion to cuddle up with for my Miss Two. I'm planning on checking them out along with the Rabbit Heico night lights at Big Dreams when l get a moment on Friday when I'm in Northcote catching up with the lovely Sophie + Miss Two's godmother. Although it's unlikely I'll be able to stretch the budget to buy them just yet but one can dream.
Currently the room exists of white walls, a grey ash couch soon to be relocated to the nursery, timber framed prints of electric things- a cross stitched duck (a vintage find), a print of a fairy standing on a Poppy bought from St.Andrews market years ago for my birthday from my husband, Miss Two's baby hand print that was my first mother's day present from her and some cloud watching rabbits. The bird mobile in greens + neutral colours will go in the nursery along with the Birch Stokke cot which was much loved by Miss Two. I plan on making some felt balls for the new baby later on when l have worked through my crafty project list. There was a great DIY felt ball blog post the other week by none other than Mypoppet, I've followed the blog for a longtime and is truly inspirational for anything vintage + crafty.
But perhaps she needs some bright handmade toys and some throw pillows in blue, greens, yellows and watermelon. I'm beginning to be inspired but finding the right fabrics will probably take a bit of time. I'm starting to feel a little better this pregnancy first trimester was a little intense, the second trimester seems better. I tire in the afternoons and toddlerhood doesn't always allow the flexibility l need when not feeling up to playing on the floor or doing endless craft. Yesterday was spent doing morning craft done at playgroup leaving me the afternoon to sew up some PoppyFox crafty goodness for my little but getting bigger Miss Two. I got one doona cover sewn up just have to put on the Velcro. I decided no press studs or zips as they can break over time whilst old school Velcro is easily replaced when needed. Having a much needed house cleaning day today. Miss Two has an awful cough that kept us all up last night. I don't understand how a toddler can be kicking you in their sleep and then hugging you the next minute. So the heater is on, we are in our pjs and we are taking it easy in an attempt to keep croup at bay.

What do you think a toddler bedroom needs?
What are you up to this fine day?

x Mummafox

Monday, July 23, 2012

Potato and winter garden frittata

I spent this afternoon ironing and organizing fabric scraps and craft supplies for PoppyFox. Another bag ready for the op shop and another draw organised and ready to create with. I'm getting better at using small pockets of time to finish what l started in the downstairs makeover but there is two more bags to organise before l can declare it done. Miss Two had a fall on the stairs last night and we were at the doctors early this morning getting her lip checked out. She looks like she's had too much botox and I aged 20 years after seeing all that blood. Poor kid. I reckon she's going to either be a mountain climber or the next Bear Grylls going by her adventurous and fearsome spirit. 
   We spent Monday morning at Chesterville farm with friends and our little people getting in touch with nature, cuddling baby animals and getting muddy. It was fantastic.
I wanted to share a recipe with you that l made last week that was incredible. A variation to the Italian feast that inspired this dish. I'm growing in confidence in creating Frittatas and using what l have in the fridge it's a easy, fast and healthy meal to throw together. Everything used in the recipe is in season and fresh from my veggie garden.

For Frittata
Bunch of Silver beet + Kale
1 Leek
1/4 cup of tasty cheese
3 Potatoes
1/2 a red capsicum
1 cup of cut florets of Broccoli
1/2-1 cup of mushrooms
1 clove of garlic
Bunch of Parsley
Olive Oil for cooking
Six free range eggs
Dash of milk for eggs
Salt and Pepper to season

How to Make
Preheat your oven grill to 240 degrees your using the grill to finish the dish off in the oven. For this recipe use a fry pan with a metal handle that can go in the oven or cook in fry pan on the stove it will be hard to get that golden crust on top though. Peel and slice thickly potatoes, par boil in water til just tender. Drain and set aside. Cut florets of broccoli in boiling water for two minutes, drain and set aside to cool. Chop/dice finely 1 large bunch of Rainbow chard/Kale and a leek, crush garlic and add. The chard/kale needs to be more finely chopped than the mushrooms and capsicum your using in the dish. Place these ingredients into a fry pan with a little olive oil and cook gently til slightly soft. Remove from heat. Place ingredients into a bowl. In the frying pan place the sliced potatoes in the bottom evenly and add leek and chard on top of the potatoes. Finely chop the red pepper and mushrooms and add them to the fry pan. Do not stir in just have it resting on top of the other ingredients. Place the broccoli and freshly chopped parsley evenly on the top. Mix in another bowl the eggs and beat with a fork until well combined. Add a dash of milk to eggs to loosen. Add eggs to the Frittata using the back of a spoon make sure the egg reaches the bottom of the fry pan but do not stir in. Grate tasty cheese and sprinkle on the frittata. Sprinkle and season salt and pepper. Place on stove top on medium heat til eggs are cooked through you'll notice that the ingredients rise up in the pan.
Place Fry Pan in the oven under the grill and cook til golden. This takes minutes.
I served the frittata with a green salad of Cos with Danish feta and some french dressing. 

Tomorrow l head to Nana's after playgroup to start creating Miss Two's vintage bedlinen doona covers. I'm excited to see what comes about. 
What are you going to get up to? 
Stay warm where ever you are.

x Mummafox

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Lazy Yarra Valley Sunday

Just imagine a perfect Sunday morning drive to the valley. A hot air balloon coming down through a bank of clouds. Bare vines, misty mountains and fast running streams. Cracking fires in the dining room at Healesville Hotel. A delicious lunch of twice cooked lamb and beer battered fish + chips; a glass or two of Mac Forbes Yarra red + a crisp cider for me.

It was important to celebrate Miss Two's successful first night sleep in her big bed. We finished the day with a walk around Healesville Sanctuary to see little joey's, birds, platypus, koalas and baby echidnas playing in the undergrowth. Our little girl must have been tired because she lay down on the fairy walking path and informed us she was sleeping with the fairies. Cute. She was asleep in the car within minutes. Our mummy/daughter afternoon nap under our patchwork quilt for a few hours when we got home was lovely. 

A perfect lazy paced Sunday.
What did you get up to over the weekend?

X Mummafox

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Miss Two's big adventure

We put up Miss Two's big bed today. It was an adventure, she smiled, hopped onto her bed and climbed under her doona with her toys. She told us stories about how her room and bed was going to be. She bounced on her new doona. A mix of vintage and homemade to embrace Miss Two's imagination and creative spirit. Finally her mermaid quilt I made sometime ago went on her bed.

She showed us all how much she loved all that newfound space. She was happy. Nana and Gran helped supervise all the activity in the afternoon and move furniture around, they joined us for a celebratory dinner and then it was bedtime.
The last week and a half there's been night long tantrums til 11:30pm, tears and yelling and I confess not always Miss Two alone. I'm not a perfect parent, I get frustrated + then patience is in short supply. I've prayed a lot about it. It definitely gets harder when its every night and the lack of sleep sets in for the whole family.
I guess part of me is still traumatized and sleep deprived from the last two years and sleep problems make me anxious. I'm slowly changing that. Keep calm and be consist with love has been my new motto this week. It's a work in progress. I'm trying to put my trust in God.
I've faced a lot of feelings of guilt, failure and shame at not being able to succeed in getting Miss Two to sleep properly. With undiagosed reflux at four months of age, an inability to self settle and an admission to sleep school for the two of us, ongoing croup, asthma and colds in her first year of life it's been hard. Miss Two's journey with sleep has been a bendy, unyielding road at times. It pains me to think about how hard it's been for her. I know I'm not alone in facing sleep problems but at times it has felt unrelenting and left me feeling helpless to effect change.
Participating in the Motherhood Unmasked group a few months back looking at the many facets and threads of motherhood it gave me the space to revisit a lot of these feelings and recognize that motherhood is an interweaving of the passionate, joyful and dark times.
Staying home and caring for Miss Two in our little family nest is wonderful but not always filled with sunshine and rainbow colour. I'm slowly learning to let go more and embrace my mothering of Miss Two but I still struggle with low self-esteem and a sense of failure when obstacles come up that hinder me and impact on my attachment to my daughter.
It's not surprising that one of my first art pieces for the April exhibition was a rainy day canvas called 'There will be rainbows'.
I recognise the power of the love I share with Miss Two, it truly takes my breathe away sometimes. It's an incredible privilege to be her mother, sharing in those lessons, milestones, treasured smiles and cuddles but it's not easy maintaining the balance of me sometimes in that heady equation or finding enough space or stillness.
With the last two weeks being problematic with night times- I held high hopes that changing Miss Two's bed might be the opportunity for a new chapter in sleeping and a new story in our lives together in our family nest.
The night time routine went well tonight, pjs with nana, cuddles with mum, bedtime stories with gran. Then tucked up into bed by both Ads and I. It was playful, a bit crazy and an up and down night. It took from 7:30-10pm to get her to finally fall asleep but there was no big tantrums or yelling.
We told stories, talked about being big and how special it was to have a big bed with a couple of ultimatums thrown in. And Miss two knows that if she stays in her bed all night through there's a special reward tomorrow whether it be bike ride or visit to the playground. Tomorrow's a surprise left up to daddy.
If she stays in bed she gets a sticker on the calendar, seven stickers and she can choose something special as a treat. I decided kisses were best while explaining this, it seemed to work. I was winging it.She hugged Fudge her bear + snuggled under her doona and I went back to bed. All was silent.

She sleeps.

The new story of bedtime begins and I'm going to pick myself up and brush myself off and enjoy the fact that there is silence in my house. My husband and Miss two sleep, the baby kicks and I can enjoy a few moments to reflect on motherhood alone.

How do you find it?

X Mummafox


Katrina couldn't post on the actual blog so l got an email and some fb replies. So I thought l would add the comments I received. I think it's all valid and it might help others., here is what she said (in response to "Miss Two's Big Adventure"...
Lovely post Mandi. Motherhood is definitely not always full of sunshine and rainbows and it takes guts to 'put it out there' in a blog. You are certainly not alone in feeling low self esteem and guilt at times, just a lot braver than most to admit that motherhood can be trying. Poppy is blessed to have such a thoughtful loving mum. You might be interested in a book I found it is called "How to be a happy mum" and it tackles how the thoughts we have can impact on us and make us feel worth less when really, our worth never changes. I think you will appreciate it. Hope you are feeling well and that bubs is healthy. x
Love your work, Mandi! You are a wonderful Mumma! Parenting is a bit like quilting. You find a lot of (beautiful) pieces and need to lovingly stitch them together to make a whole person. What a marvellous Poppy you are helping to create. xo

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Easiest Fruit Slice Ever

This one cup fruit slice is perhaps the easiest thing I've ever made. Miss Two and I took less than ten minutes to make it together. My friend Jacquij from the Motherhood Unmasked group shared the recipe with us all at our last catch up.

1 cup of diced apricot, sultanas, shredded coconut and wholemeal flour.
 1/2 cup of brown sugar.

How to make
Mix to combine and press into a lined slice tray. Firstly, I butter the tin and cover with baking paper then I press mixture into slice tin evenly.
Bake for 25 minutes on 180 degrees.
Cool in tin for 20 minutes and then slice into squares. 

 Variations to recipe
I used 1 cup of cranberries along with the rest of the ingredients along with a little more brown sugar as they are Miss Two's favourite. You could also use 1/4 cup of golden syrup mixed with 1/4 cup of boiling water instead of brown sugar. You could also add any of the following- muesli, dates, seeds, chocolate chips to the mix just add water if to dry and it won't combine. l would love to hear what you think. This is a great recipe for play group morning teas, lunchtime treats or for car trips. It's dense but chewing and it doesn't create a lot of crumbs. I enjoyed some with a cup of Chai yesterday afternoon while Miss Two had a sleep. I think this slice is going to be a favourite for child friendly play dates and outings.

I'd love to know what you think when you make it.
I'm attempting to get organised for Poppy's bedroom makeover tomorrow afternoon. A new room set up, single bed, her double bed doona cover and all her homemade toys lined up in a row. I have pulled out all the vintage bedlinen and I've set aside three days next week to create new double bed doona covers and bedlinen for Miss Two. I'll be busy sewing at Nana's while Miss Two is looked after in the sunroom. I'm excited about creating something beautiful, quirky and cute for my little girl. I aim to do three reversible doona covers, a single bed quilt and a couple of vintage pillowcases. I'll keep a photo journal of all the crafty goodness as everything else is on hold til the bedlinen is done.

Have a great weekend everyone.

x Mummafox

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Home Improvement- Week One

Today I've had really bad morning sickness due perhaps to overdoing the mass clean up on the weekend or a lack of quality sleep.
I got rid of four garbage bags of clothing, fabric scraps and the like yesterday. It felt good to see some clutter go to the op-shop but there's still so much to do. I've got four baskets of stuff to go through and either store it for crafty projects or giveaway.
The floors, lounge, foyer and kitchen are spotless so I see that as a small victory. The dining room table near the kitchen is a completely different story though. Tomorrow I'm hoping my energy will exist to finish what I started.
I'm going to pull out the ironing board and sort out two bags of fabric scraps to see if I can use pieces for a colorful quilt for poppy's new bed. I hate waste and I love using scrap fabric for little projects. I thought some owl softies would be great for the Etsy shop to go with the wands, bunting and costumes I'm working on.

The bed was delivered this morning with a high five from Miss two she's excited and a little overwhelmed. It's sitting in the foyer in flat packs ready for my Mr Handyman, toolbox and the weekend. We are struggling with Miss Two's tantrums and arguments at bedtimes at the moment. I worry that moving her into a big bed might just escalate the problem but then again it may be the incentive she needs to claim her independence and begin being a big little person. She's worked out she's not a baby anymore but a toddler and declared she's now a big little person. It's very cute.

I spent much of my professional life reunifying children + helping families live together and guiding parents in strengthening their relationships with their children. It's not surprising then that I birthed a little spitfire. Fun loving, creative, independent, and passionately opinionated in every way - that in turn would challenge and flip my world on it's axis. However, there are times it starts to take it's toll. Night times are hard, my energy is low, I long to relax and get to bed myself. Pregnancy takes it's toll on my health. I get all day morning sickness, headaches and vomiting some days and my energy often lags in the evenings. Knowing Miss Two was growing out of her cot I didn't hestitate to buy her a single bed but I really am unsure about how to go with transitioning Poppy into a big bed. Any advice or ideas?
I decided that whatever happens I'll keep the Stokke cot ready in her room if it all goes pear shaped on the weekend and she's not ready.
Time will tell.

Well back to enjoying my cuddle on the couch with a sleeping Miss Two on my lap. I'm enjoying these moments as I know in a blink of an eye she'll be all grown and our family of three will be four.

What little moments do you enjoy with your little people? What are you up to today?

X Mummafox

Monday, July 16, 2012

Parties, Fairies + a house makeover

How are you?
I'm having a wee rest this afternoon after a busy and adventurous weekend.
We travelled over the West gate bridge, ate waffles for breakfast, saw rainbows in the sky, Miss Two made crafty wrapping paper and cards, we wrapped homemade presents, celebrated some very special birthdays with dear friends and made wishes with fairy dust. It was busy. Early Saturday morning Ads picked up a much needed 4 x 4 Ikea storage unit for our house I bought on eBay. We plonked it down in the lounge room and made the long drive to Truganina for Annie's 3rd birthday. Our friends bought land and built in the western suburbs, before that Mardhu, Ashok and Annie lived next door for a year. Whilst there was a small age difference between the girls at the beginning it didn't take long till they became best friends.
It was a really magical time. I miss watching Annie and Miss Two playing everyday and exploring the world together. I miss having a wonderful neighbour and the beautiful Indian food Mardhu makes. She would teach me how to cook great Indian, we would harvest from my garden and eat seasonally and l would teach her how to cook like a local.
So an Indian birthday party meant lots of cake, drawing with the kids, eating curries and playful mayhem. It was no surprise to us when Miss Two fell asleep as we were driving home and didn't wake up when we put her to bed.
Once home we destroyed our downstairs living room and made an immense mess attempting to create a clean and organised storage area in the both the foyer and living room. Our little house needs storage, with a small linen closet and little else we have been on a mission to renovate over the past three years to build storage into our empty spaces downstairs + simplify things. Not an inch of floor space was spared in our destruction it was crazy. If you can imagine fabric stacked on the table and floors, camping things piled high, toys, shoes and boxes bound for the op shop thrown about. With much work little by little order prevailed and the entrance to our home now resembles a beautiful crafty heaven for PoppyFox HQ. With storage cubes neatly organised for crafty projects, painting + colouring and cubes for quilting fabrics, vintage linens, wadding and vintage blankets just waiting to be sewn into PoppyFox creations. It's still overwhelming with fabric scraps littering the kitchen table and in baskets on the floor to iron but it'll get done in time.
Sunday morning we went to meet a Fairy and celebrate Ruby's 3rd birthday at a park. The rain stopped and the sun came out for a few hours. Rainbow flags, bunting, ladybug cupcakes, fairy costumes, wands and music entertained our little people. The treasure hunt and face painting had Miss Two jumping with joy and she looked so cute in her fairy wings and rainbow face paint running a muck in the playground. Lisa is a birthday genius and it was a magical scene with a fairy rainbow rotunda nestled into the wooden playground and tree lined landscape.
It was sad to leave all the woodland fairies but we had to go on a little adventure to the shops to pick up a doona for Miss Two's new bed. We decided on a double bed doona for her single bed. It means that next week l will be creating double bed doona covers from the large pile of vintage bed linens l have been collecting for such a purpose. It's going to take a trip over to my mother's, her lounge room floor as space and Nana looking after Miss Two while l try to sew a collection of bedlinen fit for my little person's new bedroom. I'm thinking an electric mix of kitsch Japanese fabrics both bright and fun with lots of dots and apples and then vintage linens in pastels for variety. It'll be exciting to see what inspiration the week brings and what the result will be.
Her bed arrives tomorrow and with our house still a work in progress it should be an interesting situation of where to put it till the weekend.
I thought this morning l would work on ironing and packing my fabric scraps and sewing things away in their new home but l got a surprise visit from my mother's group mums and we had an impromptu play date. I got up, pulled out the vacuum whilst still in my PJ's and tried to create a little space for playing. Both Poppy and I were dressed and ready by 10am which was a miracle as we were asleep at a quarter past nine. Put up the tee pee, had gingerbread and warm Milo's ready, the coffee machine warming up and it was lovely watching Charlie, Riley and Miss Two giggling and having fun. Lots of building blocks, dress ups, felting and animal play with the odd break to devour gingerbread and rest.
So no cleaning done today but l did rest on the couch while Miss Two had a nap.
You know you're pregnant when your friends mention you finally have a bump, you feel like you need a massage and you start thinking of bed at 4 o'clock in the afternoon.
Can't believe l am already week 16.
Tomorrow I'll get back to the cleaning in the hope that l can start sewing on Wednesday or Thursday when l can get to the sewing machine but right now I'm enjoying doing nothing.
What did you all get up to today?

x Mummafox

Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Friday

The last couple of days I've been in crafty heaven. I have made soups, reorganised my little sewing corner on the kitchen table, placed yellow oilcloth under the play dough table which has been a lifesaver, pinned and organised the Charlie Sling bags to be completed. Sewn up my first Charlie Sling for the new collection for the Etsy shop, created vintage bunting and pinnie aprons ready for birthday parties over the next two weekends and enjoyed a play date and catch up with the lovely Lisa and Ruby this morning.  Miss Two has had a somewhat Topsy-Turvy week of being a happy little person one moment and the next being bossy or throwing the world's greatest tantrums. It has been a challenge to say the least. I wouldn't change her for the world but sometimes l wish she had an off switch. And l am guessing l am not alone. I had a full day of babysitting on Wednesday that brought on the mammoth effort to reclaim my sewing space and attempt to get back into the sewing zone. I now understand the freedom a mother feels when they send their kids to childcare for that much needed break. I'm seriously considering a day of childcare so l can have a dedicated sewing day in which to complete projects that just seem unending. It was easier early on in Miss Two's life to finish a lot of stock quickly but as Miss Two gets more enthusiastic about cooking, craft, play and socialising l find the hours in the day not long enough to fit in everything. It's daunting as she has never been to childcare but l think it might be time for mummy to have that break. Although still undecided, I'll need to introduce a day of childcare on Thursdays before our little family of three becomes four.  I just purchased an Ikea 4x4 cube storage system for the foyer to pack away all my fabrics and sewing supplies in an attempt to organise our little home and make my life easier. It arrives tomorrow and l am hoping Sunday afternoon the tools will come out and the Spring clean of the foyer can begin. I realise that much needs to go from our home but there is a lot that needs to find a home in our space. I dream of having a sewing area tidy and organised. Craft drawers for easy access to art supplies when doing craft with Miss Two and her many friends. And a space to put our bags and coats away from the main entrance into the lounge. I'm going re purpose the 2x4 cube unit that l had been using for storing my fabrics length ways in the lounge room and use it to put all the toys away so when not in use l don't have to see them. I'm excited to see how much this changes our home in the next week.  I realise it's the little things like storage in a small space that make all the difference. I just wish l had Martha Stewart on speed dial to resolve the mess and clutter once and for all.
I made a really tasty soup twice this week, Potato and Leek soup you just have to try it. I used 2-3 leeks finely chopped, 4-6 potatoes chopped, 1 litre of Chicken stock although you could use Vegetable stock + salt and pepper to taste. I cooked the leeks in a little butter till soft added the cubed potatoes, stock and simmered till potatoes were cooked. Added seasoning and blended it till smooth. The soup is a lovely buttery yellow and very tasty. This morning while catching up with Lisa over a cuppa and Ruby + Miss Two were busy painting l made this soup with added Sweet Potato and the results were lovely. I had enough to freeze, give Lisa to take home for lunch + I enjoyed a really big bowl for lunch with a dash of cream and grated Parmesan over the top. Yummo. 

The weekend is fast approaching and l think a small glass of white wine tonight while watching Masterchef (I'm addicted) with the family might just be a great ending to a crafty and happy Friday. 
What are you getting up to on the weekend?

x Mummafox

Sharing My Blog Reading List

I get these small moments where Miss Two is occupied, playing and happy and l can enjoy some reading. OK l might have a little obsession with blogs but who could blame me.
I love reading. I always have, I don't buy books anymore I read them to quickly + borrowing from the library is great, but once you put a hold on the ones you want you have to wait for them to be available. So in the meantime, I have blogs to read.
I love reading about other's lives, stories, their artistic interests and what they are inspired by in the everyday. Some time ago l was asked what blogs l follow and l have to admit since registering with Bloglovin (which is free to join) my reading list has grown exponentially.
I get the joy in opening up my Bloglovin app on my iPhone and seeing all these blog posts just waiting for me like little jewels. There is something simply lovely about snuggling down under a PoppyFox handmade quilt late at night while Ads watches some television and l get the chance to relax and read.
Today l sewed while Miss Two was with Nana for the day. I don't have a car for two weeks so Ads picked her up after work which left me much of the day to vacuum, get button holes, and buttons sewn + bags pinned ready for final stitching. It was lovely to take ten minutes out at lunch to read a blog or two while listening to Beth Orton and Ben Harper. Now l know why mothers love having days off, I really need to do it more often. What luxury.
I wonder what blogs you fall in love with and enjoy reading.
 I'd love to know.

My Top 10 Blogs that are crafty + filled with passionate goodness-

(in alphabetical order)
kit & nancy
Llevo el invierno
Meet Me at Mikes
naughty shorts!
one sheepish girl
Smile And Wave
thrift. nest. sew.

The Blogs l also follow through Bloglovin + enjoy with a good cuppa-

a little gray
An Indian Summer
Apartment Therapy
birdy popcorn's happy days
dottie angel
elsie marley
Emmas Designblogg
green tea and red nails
handmade charlotte
heather nette king
maggie and sparrow
Making it Lovely
Misha Lulu Blog
moopy & me
mummalu's artistic obsessions
My Girl Thursday
Skunkboy Blog
So Fawned
Sweet Verbena
tea with lucy
The Design Files
The Finders Keepers

x Mummafox

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