Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weekend Sojourns & Link Love

I woke up this morning to the flu again. I just got over it two weeks ago and again it's back.
I long for no more runny noses, ringing ears or sore throats.
 We spent the end of last week trying to catch up with some of our favourite people. Having  play dates, a lovely Friday afternoon crafting at Crafternoon with Sophie and over the Queens birthday long weekend doing some day trips. We went up to the Yarra Valley and did a wine tasting at Oak Ridge, ate Sticky date Cheesecake @ Healesville Harvest, bought yummy, foodie supplies for dinners and took a walk through the park when there was a gap in the rain. The last of the autumn leaves were wonderful to skip through and kick up in the air. Then the rain began to fall and we waited for Ads to drive the car to Innocent Bystanders to pick us up as we had got stuck in the rain buying Parmesan for pasta. The rolling hills are green and lush from all the rain we have been having, sheep dot the landscape and the vines are still in autumn colour as they get ready for the cold winter setting in. 
Monday we spent the day at the Melbourne Zoo we of course didn't think everyone else would be there but it was really fun and the sunshine made the animals playful and happy. Poppy loved exploring the reptile enclosure for the first time with her dad. Having hot dogs and picnic on the lawn and exploring the zoo map while we ate. Poppy has been busy reading her Zoo magazines and had very clear ideas about what animals she wanted to see. The Orangutans, Lions and Giraffes put on a great performance. And now l am on the couch trying to rest, hoping this headache brought on by the flu and ringing in my ears goes away and that l get over this soon. I have a half finished Winter's Nest Quilt on the kitchen table, bunting cut out ready to sew and my bags that l long to complete hopefully I'll get better soon and come Thursday l will be able to get some major sewing done.
Today's Link love is all about creating Home Sanctuary's. I'm still in the process of renovating our home and all these homes inspired me to add colour to the study, bathrooms and storage areas we need to redo in our home. I've got blue tiles in the laundry and a bright blue wall in my living room to offset the pale blue splash back and red appliances in the kitchen so colour doesn't frighten me but l believe in living in a space before painting. Our first task is to clear out the study that is piled high with books and boxes from when l was pregnant with Poppy and renovating. We need to finish building the storage under the staircase to move all the recipe books downstairs that we have gathered like explorers these past ten years. Within the month we hope to begin this part of the next renovation phase to the PoppyFox abode. It all takes time though and l am reminded that our little family has to come first before any renovations. 
 Adam's been under a lot of stress at work, and with the gloom of illness getting me a little down l thought a dose of colour was in order. It inspired me to dream up beautiful homes and escapes for my little family, lovely isn't it. Have a look at the links and tell me your favourite. I especially love the lakeside holiday home, the colourful lounge room, reading nooks and the frame tent. I think l might have to make one for Poppy for the summer to rest under as l work in the veggie garden. I'm already dreaming of Spring and Summer.
 Clearly l am in need of a sunny, beach side holiday and some warmth but that could be the flu talking. I'm trying to let go of the things l can't control and being sick at the moment is something that l have to let go of and hope that in resting, my body bounces back and fingers crossed l can get the crafty projects I've started finished. Having Miss Two with me all the time makes rest somewhat of a commodity but l am trying my best to listen to my body and rest. I'm not good at slowing down though it's not a skill l acquired growing up.
I'll end this post with some photos from late last week & this weekend's sojourns. It's filled with happiness, the magic of childhood and friendships, the beauty of Miss Poppy's imagination and enjoying the simple things in life. Just what the doctor called for.

Happy Tuesday everyone. 
What are you up to today?

x Mumma Fox
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