Tuesday, June 19, 2012

An Ode to three blogs + Link Love

Today is an Ode to three of my favourite blogs/shops. I have been following these blogs for years they were the first l stumbled across when l was pregnant with Poppy and needing some reading after a stressful workday and renovating the house. I remember being 7 months pregnant coming home to an inch of dust covering the house and needing to escape. Reading blogs was great escapism. Naughty Shorts creater Bec makes incredible feminine, tea dresses out of vintage linens with such beauty and craftiness that l covet one for myself. She also makes her own quilts and pillows that adorn her home in a style much like mine. I have a vintage bedlinen collection that will soon be a single bed quilt for Miss Two's big bed, a range of couch cushions for the couch and a wrap skirt for casual wanderings. 
Bec from a naughty shorts has been published in Frankie magazine, Peppermint magazine (a personal fav) and last week in Tickle The Imagination an online Magazine. She's got a huge following and it's easy to see why, she's honest about motherhood, being creative and it's refreshing to have someone down to earth sharing their ideas, photos and story on her blog. Last week one of her dresses shown above was showcased in a recent style post by Elsie Larson from Abeautifulmess.
The blog Abeautifulmess is a sanctuary of photography, vintage fashion, DIY and lifestyle kitsch goodness. I love Elsie + Emma's style and their blog posts never fail to entertain or inspire. My latest inspirations from this blog have been the tea and cocktail recipes. I've taken tips on photography, Instagram and on blogging from them + they are such creative spirits with a strong ethos and passion for recycling and living a vintage life. I'm going to make the blueberry tea on thursday if l can get my hands on some blueberry's as I take some downtime while Miss Two sleeps to read the new edition of Peppermint Magazine l bought yesterday.
I met Maria Malakellis, who owns boutique lifestyle store Kittos on my first adventure to Barwon Heads. After hours of enjoying watching Mad Men, I longed for a pair of saltwater sandals and the day l walked into her shop I fell in love, i wear my salties everyday. I own five pairs and enjoy them all year round. I desired a pair of Marimekko socks too to wear with them and dreamt of the bags l could make with the fabrics in their bold, bright, emotive prints. It was wonderful to celebrate Maria's success as her home was in print in the Geelong Advertiser GT Magazine this weekend. So l thought it would be fun to share with you my Kittos wish list and the things l already love using in my home and life everyday.

1. An Acapulco Chair by my front window to sit in with a hot cup of tea and a good book. A place to watch the trees swaying in the breeze outside or watching the rain when it's just to cold to venture outside. Knowing l can enjoy watching the world outside while Poppy plays on the floor. Somewhere comfortable to hold Poppy while she needs to be held, cuddled and given some TLC because our Little people just have those days sometimes. I can imagine finishing the binding on my Winter's Nest quilt while sitting on my Acapulco chair
2. Marimekko Fabric and Home wares. 
I would love some Blue and White Marimekko fabric as seen above stretched over a canvas for above the fireplace. It would really brighten the white walls in the lounge. Marimekko kitchenware, I'm dreaming of a Siirtolapuutarha teapot and mugs for the kitchen table for when my best friends come over to catchup. Or a Siirtolapuutarha Platter for all the yummy food we like to make on the weekends.
3. Aesop Products to make you feel lovely and beautiful on those days where nothings seems to go right and Miss Two just isn't having a great day and I'm shattered. Come on we all have those days don't we.
4. A Muuto Unfold Pendant Light in Yellow to hang above my retro kitchen table or to hang above my wooden staircase. We have a small house so it would be great to use some bright and arty pieces to give the place some personality and make it feel like home.
5. A naughty shorts Annie dress created with vintage linen, in green or blues, or yellow loveliness or maybe earthy tones. I just can't choose from the huge selection of fabrics.
l just know if l put one of these dresses on I would be ready for anything. A picnic in the forest or by the sea. A getaway road trip down the coast, or to Red Hill for some wine and food. A long walk hand in hand with Adam along the beach in Anglesea or amongst the vines in the Yarra Valley. I can just imagine it.

Take a look at the blogs, go on now and tell me what your wish list is.
I'd love to know.

x Mummafox

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