Monday, June 25, 2012

It's all about our little people- Monday link love


Today I'm celebrating the creativity and beauty in unique bedrooms, clothing, toys for our little people. Poppy is sick with croup since late Saturday night and l am mindful of how precious our little people are and how much love we have for them. Watching Poppy struggle to sleep with the constant seal bark of hers at the moment l am impressed by her willingness to take her medicine and listen to our suggestions in trying to help her. Sometimes l forget she is only two and a half and not the Nana she comes across as. She has such a creative, strong spirited personality that l am often in awe of who she is now, who she is becoming and what she is going to be when she'd older. She told me yesterday she was going to paint large canvases when she was older and go to galleries. God l love her.
In dreaming up the perfect bedroom for Poppy these last few weeks l realise it can be something really simple and a little crafty that makes a bedroom unique and joyful. Her nursery is lovely but she's getting bigger and she needs a new bed, some storage for toys and a couple of things to make it more toddler friendly. I have been dreaming of things l know l can't afford (don't we all), things that l am going to attempt to make and have been incredibly impressed by what other's have imagined and then created for their little ones. So here is some of my link loves today and what l have loved about each and every one of them.  I saw these mid century memory game cards, what a vintage find (quite jealous really) and thought how great they would look laid out under glass for a child's bedroom wall or in resin as coasters. Oh the possibilities are endless.
I've been fascinated by the use of blackboards in people's homes, my friend Sim has a blackboard door in her kitchen that just begs for drawing and script. I would love to have a blackboard in Poppy's room or the back of her door or perhaps one of the cupboards doors painted in blackboard paint. You can now get coloured blackboard paint. How cool is that.
I also love the use of teepee's (from Lisa's closet) and wallpaper in bedrooms. I would love a feature wall in print and l just want to grab my collection of saris or some muslin and create a teepee headboard for my Miss Two when l buy the bed. I am thinking white wood or a natural wood for the bed and quilts made by me to brighten up the bed, soft pillows in quirky fabrics to snuggle into and rest and bring the space to life. Or some mud pie inspiration with an outdoor play kitchen for the backyard using blackboards for stage design absolutely brilliant. Woven baskets in natural sea grass or plastic coated black and white checks like the ones above to hold toys in. Poppy's bedroom is going to need to become a bedroom for adventure, play and rest so storage is going to be key to pulling this off in such a small space.  
But perhaps the best of the link loves of the week for me are the coats by Molly Goodall the visionary behind the whimsical animal coats out of Eco felt + wool. I can imagine Poppy in a Fantastic little fox coat or roaring as a sunny yellow lion. A coat to inspire play and to keep my little moppet at a lovely 37 degrees during this cold winter. Of course l would need a size 3-4 just to make sure that she is my little fox for a long time. I can just envisage her swishing her foxy tail around as she walks to playgroup and to the park. Her Hoodie keeping her warm and bringing her into an imaginary world of play and story like her beloved book Where the wild things are. Oh l can just see it now.

I'd love to know what your favourite things are at the moment. 
The things you wish you could buy, create or own. 
Shoot me a comment, link or email. I'd love for you to share it with us.
Happy Monday everyone.

x Mummafox
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