Monday, May 28, 2012

Whimsy Monday Link Love

I've been following blogs ever since l got pregnant three years ago and l would say I'm still a relative newwie with my knowledge of what's out there. I've just caught on to Bloglovin and added all my favourite blogs for easy reading late at night when Miss Two is asleep.
It's like realising you have a long lost friend who organises all your reading material and sends you lovely emails to let you know you are in for a treat. l thought l'd share the blogs and things that have inspired me lately and make this a regular post at PoppyFox. I learnt about blogs through friends sharing their knowledge and loves with me and I want to
share the love with you too.

PoppyFox was inspired by a desire to make old new again and reinventing the creative process through using reclaimed upholstery and vintage fabrics into treasures. Dreaming up Reversible Bags, Handmade quilts and clothing to coax the imagination and be something useful, practical everyday and beautiful.
I saw a new book Reinvention and the Anthology magazine that made my heart sing along with a softie at warymeyers that I covet for Miss Two. Themes of nature and bird life in photography, head dress, and fabric inspires me with ideas for some new quilts. All this winter goodness is helping me get into the winter season spirit and want to bake a hot apple pie as the rain comes down. I really want to reinvent my ironing board and fell in love with the new Melody Miller Fabric Ironing Board shown recently at the Quilt Market in America. Oh l want some of this fabric.

I'm in the process of getting a single bed for Poppy as she is growing up so fast and it's got me thinking about how best to create a sanctuary to rest and dream. I was inspired by these sleeping nooks and arty chandeliers. Living in a small house I have to think about creating a space that allows for play, rest and company while being mindful of keeping things simple, colourful and adaptable. It's a bit of a mission to design a toddler bedroom for Miss Two at the moment. Any suggestions about what l should do?
Help us get to 200 likers on Facebook for our first PoppyFox giveaway of a Winter Charlie Sling bag. A Bespoke Individualised Bag for the lucky winner who will be randomly chosen. So share us with your family and friends about our Facebook page and the Poppy Fox blog and lets get this giveaway started.
If you have found any Blogs, articles, DIY crafty projects, books and photos that have inspired you l would love you to share them and comment below.

Have Monday everyone.

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