Monday, May 7, 2012

Taking the time to be creative

Taking the time to be creative sounds easy but l have yet to learn how to juggle motherhood, everyday life and find the time to create and sew up PoppyFox goodness. I know it will happen it just all seems to take time.
 I'm often in awe of how artists and crafters create what is in their mind's eye. You see I'm my worst critic. I love to dream and fall in love with the texture and design of something. I believe in what l create but getting others to know about me, support PoppyFox and get excited alongside me takes a lot of confidence to put oneself out there. I think it's something that is going to take time to build in me. I guess having just started out with a blog and business it's easy to think you will never make it. You wonder if anyone is out there reading your blog but I've been following some wonderful blogs like Naughty Shorts, Onesheepishgirl, Smile and Wave, Abeautifulmess and l see that doing what you love is about putting yourself out there and being authentic in what you say, do and create. I guess that is where my ramblings and blog posts came from- an attempt to share my inner turmoil, excitement, passion and creativity with others. To build community. 
So being mindful this month l am going to take Anni's advice to challenge myself this month to Be Present, Pay Attention, Listen Deeply, Speak Truthfully and Act Creatively. It's going to be a challenge in the face of my busy life but l am looking forward to what l learn. Being part of hosting the Mindful May event I've learnt so much and felt intent to listen to other's, share, and be present. It's been such a blessing and I'm glad to be a part of it. It's an opportunity to face my obstacles and insecurities, to acknowledge and embrace them and know it is the dark side of the soul that allows us to rise to the challenge and become more authentic.

This weekend l have tried to slowdown and practise being more present. I had the privilege of working on Saturday at home doing some work for my private counselling practise Inner circles. I don't advertise but work comes my way by word of mouth. I provide Sandplay, Creative arts counselling and traditional personal/relationship counselling for any that are interested. I might not work as a social worker in the community health sector anymore but l remain passionate about counselling when l get the opportunity. I've learnt the trick is to always be open to opportunities. You never know when a door will open. I took the time to sit and be still and create my own sandtray before my family returned home. Sitting in the peace and stillness was a blessing I don't get much alone time at home. It makes me appreciate it more when l get those special moments.
I didn't touch my sewing machine this weekend but l focused my energies on the act of creating. I'm lucky to be married to a great guy and cook whom blessed me with dinner and helped in the kitchen. The stock for Matthew Evan's (aka The Gourmet Farmer) Lamb, tomato and yogurt soup is in the fridge ready for stage 2 tomorrow. One of my favourite things l like to do with Poppy is cook or bake. She loves to stir the mixture and is so proud when it comes out of the oven and she gets to eat what we have created. We baked Date, Coconut, Apple and Banana mini cupcakes for Mother's group we had to make double as they were really good with a cuppa or in Poppy's case a warm milk. The smells coming out of the kitchen soothed the soul and made us all snuggle on the couch with the fire and watch Mary Poppins under patchwork quilts.

I washed and bundled up fabrics over the weekend for little woven pinnies with vintage doilies along with several colourful reversible size 0-1 pinnies for the Esty shop. Reclaimed Bunting flags are coming along but trying to find the right mix of fabrics takes time especially when l want them to have a certain feel to them. 
This week I'm finishing my ink design for some colourful Happy Birthday Bunting for the shop just in time for our little ones birthdays. I use ours for all family birthdays to create a birthday atmosphere and it works a treat mixed with vintage bunting. I'm being mindful not to rush the process but to listen to what the fabrics are revealing and how the combination of colours looks athletically. I'd rather take more time on something than sew it and not like what l have created. I have a rule to only make what l like and what l would want for Poppy, my friends and for myself. That way l never get bored sewing and making things and stop enjoying the creative process. I want to build something l am proud and passionate about.

I've been refining a crown pattern and fairy wand design that l think will be a winner with the Little Princess' in our lives. Very Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ. Little Miss Poppy loves hers and l think every little girl should have one. I'm hoping to come up with a version for the boys when l get a moment. The Mixed Rainbow Crayons using re purposed materials are almost ready for the shop. Poppy enjoyed arty projects over the weekend and we have been making playdough monsters and exploring crayon and watercolour on thick card stock and paper.

I bought the new Countrystyle and Frankie magazines and can't wait to explore their pages in the next few days in my breaks from sewing, going to mother's group, playgroup and seeing family. As the Winter's cold sets in l am reminded to care for myself and others and take time to rest and be still. 
I hope you stay in the warmth and find time to rest, read, write, cook and create too.
Let me know what you are up to. I'd love to know. 

Happy Monday everyone.

x Mummafox
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