Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Snap Shot

A snapshot into the past 2 weeks. For much of it we have been resting from the flu under our patchwork quilts on the couch listening to the rain. My body just took the decision to rest out of my hands. For those that know me l don't fall apart when sick l just plow on through but alas that didn't happen this time. There has been mandatory nanna naps for Poppy and I as still she fights a lingering cough, watching old movies & cartoons, creating Mr Fred food plates for Miss Poppy, eating soup & reading next to the fire, kind friends and most of all my lovely husband coming to the rescue and making sure we don't starve. I'm back in the land of the living it feels like the sun just came out after a storm and there were rainbows. I'm starting to sew although my energy still needs to return and I even managed some play dates, a couple of boxing classes and some housework. 
I was really fortunate to spend time with girlfriends and there amazing kids this week along with attending mother's group and playgroup after what seemed like weeks and it helped lift my spirits. I've been spending time being mindful about my motherhood journey and seeking solace in the quiet and the busy moments to really appreciate how hard and how amazing it all is. 
I read a great blogpost at the other day it made me realise how unique our experiences are of motherhood and how hard it can be to put it into words. As l entered into my 30's marriage and motherhood became part of a new journey and l am still trying to work it out. I was gifted a book during the week A Life's Work On Becoming A Mother by Rachel Cusk and l am amazed at how in tune my best friends are to where l am in my journey and how to inspire me to dive on in and explore it's presence in my life and give it recognition. While another friend gave me the newest edition of Country Style Magazine for a little self indulgence. I enjoyed a wonderful three hours of reading alone in bed the other night with a pot of milky tea. 
During the month of May I have been challenging myself to Be Present, Pay Attention, Listen Deeply, Speak Truthfully and Act Creatively. I've learnt a lot and it's been immensely rewarding to learn to listen to the needs of my body and my Spirit. On the flip side l have had to face ongoing illness and family conflict which has forced me to take notice and think about my little family and my needs no matter the fall out. I wouldn't say l am turning over a new leaf but becoming more at peace with myself. I'm slowly letting go of unfair expectations, stopping to enjoying the simple life and letting the days be what they are.

I'd love to hear what you all have been up to.

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