Friday, May 4, 2012

Reflections on being a crafter + mother this week

It's been a busy week. Having Poppy and Adam both sick began a time of madness and mayhem not dissimiliar to Alice in Wonderland but the laughter alone was worth it. Attempting the wonderful world of toilet training in the middle of winter. I'm lucky the Poppy finds it great fun to sit on the toilet in a pirate hat singing songs for rewards star stamps on the kitchen calender. 
Overall it's been a creative and interesting week.
 I've been creating twine teepee's when it hasn't been a downpour for my broad bean and snow pea seedlings. Planting out my front yard with veggies hopefully for a bumper winter crop of broccoli, cauliflower, parsnips, carrots, leeks and green veg. Trying to keep the ground warm with sugar cane mulch. I unfortunately lost my baby pumpkins to the rain they just couldn't handle all the wet and have begun to get soggy and rot.  Obviously l will be bartering or buying my pumpkins this winter. I dreamt of building some raised beds like Box Hill Community gardens next-door to the exhibition.
I began hosting Mindful May on Facebook and loving the immense love, compassion and sharing that comes from an event like this. Ordering fabric to finish my Winters Nest Quilt as it's getting older and l just can't seem to stay warm at night. Organising fabrics for the Charlie Sling bags and starting the cutting and piecing process to the new collection of bags. Dreaming up a new baby quilt using Lucie Summers screenprinted fabric as shown above. A score from Etsy. I think mixed with linen hot air balloons, bird textile fabrics and some neutral blending fabrics with perhaps a hint of yellow might be an amazing combination. I have made a promise to not start it until the bags and bespoke items are up on the Etsy shop. 
Designing my Etsy shop which l have yet to finish. I'm hoping Ads this weekend gets into his IT mode and helps me work out how to attach buttons to my blogpage and Etsy shop so l can use the thing. And I've been cleaning the house, making a to do list that resembles a book, attacking the loads of washing and trying to keep everything on an even keel.
Last night was a big night with the launch of the Motherhood Unmasked Exhibition. I still find it hard to believe that l had the opportunity to do something for myself and to have seven pieces on show.  It was an incredible privilege to share in sisterhood and our mothering journeys. I hope l get the chance to continue to keep in touch with some of the women in the group. I thought l would share some pictures of my artwork and our fun times at PoppyFox HQ this morning. 
My daily practise in mindfulness today was with each stir of the cupcake batter with my little Miss Poppy and my lovely niece Charlotte I was grateful for their excitement in having a cooking lesson and in the love they out pour on each other. I just love play dates for the wonder and magic of childhood that l get to witness and be a part of.

Back to the cutting table with the fire going and a tea while Poppy enjoys playdough and create. 
What you are up to?

x Mummafox
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