Monday, April 23, 2012

Sharing Some Birthday Goodness

My birthday came and went and what a great couple of days it was. I thought it might be fun to share a photo diary of this weekends festivities. 
Turning 35 gave me the space to look at the things afresh, to realise what's really important to me and to do some Autumn time gardening and creating.
It's been a lovely week.

I've been busy cutting out material for more bags ready for sewing, organising the first of the crayon packs for the Etsy shop and thinking of some cute bunting to brighten up winter. I never seem to have enough time though.
It feels like l fight the clock daily and only get through half the things l had hoped to achieve. My little Miss Poppy has needed lots of attention, hugs and craft activities to keep her happy so I have tried to keep things simple and not be so hard on myself if things have gone astray.
 But most of all l have really tried to enjoy the Poppy and I time.
She's growing up so quickly.
We have been painting with watercolour, making towers out of stacking boxes, going on long scooter adventures in search of leaves and all things botanical and l have found a haven in working on my rice paper lampshade for the 
Mother's Unmasked Exhibition coming up. It's been cathartic putting my emotions and the symbols of my motherhood journey and story on paper. 

And to end the week spending time with my lovely friends Bel, Sophie, Amber, Tracy and the men in their life at home hanging out, at the Finders Keepers Market enjoying lovely Melbourne designers, apple cider and birthday cupcakes and at Ripe 
for an Autumn Sunday morning breakfast. 
I received beautiful sunflowers, natives and ornamental kale, beautiful artwork by SweetWilliam that has gone straight up on my kitchen wall for inspiration and some treasured
 Emily Green jewellery from my lovely husband.I realise that your friends are those that really get you and mine do.
I'm a lucky girl and l know it.

x Mummafox

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