Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My tuesday ramblings

Hello! Hi! What are you doing?

I'm hanging out at home listening to Little Birdy and enjoying a cup of tea. l have two sick people in my little house but in this quiet moment l am downstairs with a clean kitchen bench contemplating finishing my quilt A Winters Nest. I'm about to order my boarder fabric and get it finished for winter it's going to be a great feeling having it on my bed. I had someone ask me for a business card so they could order one for themselves this morning when l was at the quilting shop. All very exciting. It made my day knowing someone had fallen in love with my quilt. I must remember to always carry around my business cards. Important lesson that one. I'm doing the washing. Never a chore l much enjoy. I'm thinking about the best way to blog mobile-like.

I'm hosting the event Mindful May this month if you havn't received an invite and you want to be a part of the event shoot me an email here or on my facebook page ok. I'm being mindful to breathe and consider myself and those around me today with love. I'm enjoying reading a text from Bel who just saw the Motherhood Unmasked Exhibition currently on at Boxhill Community Arts Centre til Sunday this week where l have seven pieces showing. I'm honoured to be a part of this amazing group. I'm thinking l really need to finish cutting the linings for the Charlie Sling Bags sitting on my retro kitchen table looking at me. I'm thinking l have to finish cutting the bunting flags for the reclaimed bunting l am going to put in the Etsy shop. Its made with old school saris.

I'm eating pumpkin seeds and the ears of an easter bunny that l found in my pantry that l just couldn't say no to. I'm working on a boarder photo for the Etsy shop which l have just created and am going to pack the crayon packs today and add them to the shop. I'm thinking l really need to tidy up my kitchen pantry and do the dishes but Little Miss Poppy is asleep. I'm thankful she sleeps right now so i can write. I'm wanting to make gingerbread this afternoon. I think the smell alone would help Adam and Poppy feel better. I desire some hot chicken soup and a cheese toasty. I long for a hot day to wear a dress and not freeze. I wish for some fresh flowers and a freshly painted kitchen.I'm nursing a sore back from lots of cuddles with Poppy yesterday she's growing up way to fast.
I'm dreaming of all the beautiful binding tape and cottons to use on the bunting to give them something special. I'm working on a bunting DIY tutorial for the blog with photos. I'm wearing a Ink and Spindle and cloud badge. I am in bare feet. I loved watching Poppy quilt Adam's back in beautiful fabrics while he rested on the floor.
What are you doing?
Are you doing good things?
I'd love to know.
xx mummafox

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