Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Media Jungle and the theme of Motherhood

Why is it that media and our society believes that it is acceptable to tell us that we are lacking, that we aren't doing a good enough job without the latest fad, product, parenting technique or look. 

Why is it that we believe the hype? 

I don't often have the opportunity for in-depth discussions with other women or mums about their experiences of how print media, advertising and the information online affects them but the theme of community, parenthood and womanhood is of great interest to me. I'm lucky to have an amazing group of friends that are also thinking about these very issues and have made the effort to create community in their lives.

 I've been attending a group called Motherhood Unmasked  (www.motherhoodunmasked@blogspot.com.au) where we have been exploring the themes and faces of motherhood and it's got me thinking. 

I wonder how many of us feel like we are all alone in this journey of motherhood. And on a broader level l wonder how many of us sit comfortably with societies take on parenthood and the many layers of this expansive topic- Making the choice to have a baby, with or without medical issues involved, how to care and bring up that baby and how to do it confidentially.  I've been reading some really thought provoking stuff on a couple of friend's blogs see http://amongtheregulars.wordpress.com and http://madaminsideout.wordpress.com and it gave food for thought about our role as parents and how much responsibility we have to do it the right way. I've realised that so often we remain silent, we don't actively encourage or go out of our way to create a community where these dialogues can be entered into in a safe and positive way. Well l want this to be a blog to be a place where that can happen. 

I left a status update on Facebook as a response to my experiences last week where I had to dig deep and realise the depth of media brainwashing that l had also taken on that drills into you how to be a certain kind of parent. I wanted parents to know they weren't alone, especially mums and it was incredible the responses l got. I'd be really interested to hear people's thoughts about it and create an opportunity to dialogue about this and encourage one another in our motherhood and parenting journey. And it's not just about the mothers either I watch Adam care, play and struggle with Poppy and i know his journey is just as important. As l blog this Adam is teaching Poppy to brush her teeth with her electric toothbrush with her teddy Fudge the laughter alone is a beautiful thing to hear.

This week l have been gentle with myself as l try to toilet train my little two year old I confess I have had times where l have wanted to tear my hair out. There have been good days and bad but it's not meant to be a flawless and unwinding road. I know I'm not alone and my message to all the parents this week is YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 
I think as long as we let out little people know they are loved, treasured and important in the world and in our lives then it'll be OK. A few battles during mealtimes and arguments ending with kisses, hugs and apologies is just part and parcel of living together. I applaud all the parents out there it's usually a thankless task but Thank You.

X Mummafox

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